Gooney Bird!

September 13, 2012

We're a few years behind the curve with our Thursday Tales this week. Is anyone else a fan of Gooney Bird Greene? This little girl is full of spunk! We just love her over here at Creation Castle.


The Gooney Bird books are written by Lois Lowry (author of the Anastasia series, Sam Krupnik series, The Giver trilogy, and many more!). All five of the stories follow Mrs. Pigeon's second grade class. Gooney Bird is certainly an eccentric character and it is fun to watch her progress through the second grade.

Unfortunately, we picked up the fourth book in the series (without even knowing it was a series)! Luckily that didn't take away from the awesome read. It just made us go pick up the four other books this morning.


Gooney Bird is So Absurd, picks up with the class in January. Each day Mrs. Pigeon begins the day with a poem. The students enjoy learning about new poetry and working with one another. Things are going great until there is some unexpected terrible news - Mrs. Pigeon mother dies. Gooney Bird helps her class create a meaningful poem for their teacher and they perform it with the principal.

As a teacher, it is easy to read this book and see the events that unfold actually take place in your own classroom. From Mrs. Pigeon's calming hand on a student's shoulder to the little boy who just has too much energy who occasionally needs to dance it out. Not only will you relate to the story, but so will your students!

We're creating a packet to go along with Gooney Bird is So Absurd that will be finished just in time for our Sunday Sales (hint, hint). You'll find chapter questions, poetry activities, and a few extra fun things included! If you're not ready for winter, we'll be working on Gooney Bird and the Room Mother next. In this book, Mrs. Pigeon's class is getting ready for a Thanksgiving pageant.

What are some of your students' favorite books to read?

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  1. Love Gooney Bird. I made a packet for the original story Gooney Bird Greene. Looking forward to seeing yours for some of the other titles.

    Yearn to Learn Blog


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