Llama, Llama...

September 20, 2012

Anna Dewdney. According to her bio on Amazon, she has been a middle-school teacher, school bus driver, waitress, mail-carrier, and daycare teacher. Where do llamas come in to those professions?

Regardless of where the idea came from Ms. Dewdney has 10 awesome llama books. The newest edition to the family is Llama Llama Time to Share. The book was released earlier this month. In this fun story, Llama Llama gets new neighbors and has a hard time sharing his toys with Nelly Gnu. This is a great read aloud for those little ones that still find sharing to be a bit difficult. These books always provide a silly, yet realistic picture of the little things kids go through.


Be sure to checkout Llama Llama's website for some great teacher resources and a couple games. There are printable activities listed for some of the books and a section on creating an author study.

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