Makeover Monday - Pesky Stickers

September 10, 2012

Think back to when you were five years old. Do you remember getting a paper back from your teacher with a bright colored smiley face that you could scratch and sniff? Some kids seem to think just one sticker could save the world!

They come with Scholastic orders, from students, and are super cheap! Whether you believe stickers are a good motivational tool or you slap them on worksheets that don't really need to be graded, chances are you have a pile of stickers somewhere. The problem with stickers is that they are different shapes and sizes. It is hard to keep them organized in one place. Plus, you generally have themed stickers that can only be used at certain times of the year. However, when you set aside those super cute elf stickers for December, somehow they don't show up again until January 1st.

Well, Pinterest has the solution for you.

Sticker Organization/Storage

We found this pin over the summer. (The photo is linked to the article, not the pin). There are five solutions offered in the article, but this one is really great.

*Paper Towel Holder
*Binder Clips
*Sheet Protectors

Place a piece of cardstock inside each sheet protector (for stability). Then place your stickers in the sheet protectors. Place all your pages on binder clips and slide onto a paper towel holder. Super simple and practical!

How do you use stickers in your classroom?

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