P is for Paid App

September 26, 2012

Last week, we showed you a couple of free apps to use in the classroom. This time around we are going to introduce you to some awesome paid apps.

abc PocketPhonics

This app is only $2.99, but there is also a "lite" version for free. The developers claim the app was designed with and tested by teachers - while we can't prove that, they do have a solid understanding of teaching letters.

The app covers letter sounds, letter writing, and beginning words. You can choose for students to learn uppercase, lowercase, or even cursive writing. They cover more than just letter sounds (moving into blends), and even have an accuracy check on the letter writing.

Reading Raven

This cute app, available for $3.99, take students on a reading adventure from pre-reading to reading sentences. The game provides self-paced lessons for ages 3-7. Another bonus is this app has no third party ads!

Stack the States

This awesome app would be great for learning about states. A few pluses..
1. It is only $0.99
2. It is 5 games in 1
3. Students will learn state names, shapes, location on the map, capitals, flags, and much more!
{It has great reviews too... definitely worth checking out!}


We all know and love Starfall. They have five paid apps for the iPad. The prices range from $0.99-$2.99. They have two seasonal games (gingerbread and snowman) and three ABC/reading games. If your students can't get enough of Starfall, here is another way to integrate into their learning!

Super Why ABC Adventures

And that brings us to Super Why! We just love this PBS show and think their $3.99 app is totally worth it. Their characters are fun and bright. Kids love the show and don't even realize they are learning. Students will learn letters and sounds... and even get to do a few sing-alongs!

What do your students most enjoy about iPads? Or how often would you use iPads if you had them?

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