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September 06, 2012

Grandparents Day is celebrated in many countries in different ways and at different times. Here in the States, we celebrate on the first Sunday after Labor Day. So for 2012... September 9th!

According the the National Grandparents Day Council, we use this day to honor our grandparents, give grandparents the opportunity to show love for their grandchildren, and help kids recognize the strength and guidance they can receive from their grandparents and other adults.

It is often easy to express the sentiment of a holiday through literature. There are many books available that are written specifically for Grandparents Day.


For our Thursday Tales this week, we wanted to look at a book that doesn't scream Grandparents Day. Instead, we wanted to highlight a book that is truly portraying a special bond between a grandfather and his granddaughter in a normal setting. We chose to look at Ain't Nobody a Stranger to Me by Ann Grifalconi. If you are familiar with this book, you might be thinking... it's a wonderful story, but I would only use this to talk about slavery.


Upon closer examination, you will notice the special moments that are shared between this young girl and her grandfather. As the grandfather tells her of how he and his wife escaped to freedom, the girl is learning about her family history and grasping a better understanding of why her grandfather is so proud to be free and own his apple orchard. The sweetest moment comes toward the end of the story when the young girl plants her apple seed in the orchard while symbolically "planting a memory". It is hard to find a more heartwarming story. If you have a favorite Grandparents Day book to share with your students already, remember to look this one up if you teach about slavery!

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  1. Oh, my gosh. I forgot all about this day. Thanks for the reminder as I know my Mom, who is a great grandmother to eight children, would be disappointed if she didn't get a card!

    1. Your welcome Scipi :)

      Seems like this holiday in particular always sneaks up on us!


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