The Gingerbread Baby!

December 04, 2012

Another favorite Gingerbread story of ours is The Gingerbread Baby written by Jan Brett. This a great story to use during your Gingerbread Unit or for an author study. Jan Brett has some awesome winter books that would make for a great author study for this time of year.

Our favorite part of The Gingerbread Baby book unit is our tiered story organizer. This is twist on the traditional story map - using the same elements, but allowing more room for the students. The story organizer covers characters, setting, problem and solution. Each page tells students what to write about, and almost all the pages have the students illustrate parts of the story.

We also really love our gingerbread house glyph. Students will create a gingerbread house by answering questions about the story. We've included a blank gingerbread house and the candy pieces for the house.

Since this story takes place in a Swiss village, we have created a writing plan and writing paper for students to think about the differences that would occur if the story took place where you live.

We've also included a basic sequencing story map with beginning, middle, and end. You'll also find a writing prompt/page where students write about how they would catch the Gingerbread Baby and a Venn diagram to compare The Gingerbread Baby to the original story. {This is the only single story that contains a Venn diagram - more charts, organizers, etc. that can be used with multiple stories will be in the combined unit.} There are also some additional math worksheets for students to work on counting and/or skip counting (just for fun!). And of course, you will find twenty vocabulary cards - as usual!

Students love this book and it is essential if you want to use a fun story we will be talking about later this week - Gingerbread Friends - where the Gingerbread Baby's story continues!

This unit is available for purchase on its own, in our Jan Brett Winter Book Units, and will be available in the Gingerbread Unit as well.

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