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March 21, 2013

Yesterday, after a long day on our feet at school, to unwind and relax, we of course turned to Pinterest. It doesn't take long to find something new and useful on Pinterest (although sometimes those pins get repetitive!) Anyhow, we came across a website - - We Give Books.

This awesome website lets anyone (who has registered for free) read entire picture books online. While the library is still small at this time, it is still a wonderful resource.

While this website is new to us, based on what we researched, Pearson and Penguin started this initiative in 2010. Not only do these companies allow people access to books over the world, they also donate to books to children in need of literacy.

Surely the possibilities are vast with this website, but our initial thoughts for using the site include

  • Guided reading groups
  • Independent reading
  • Fluency practice
  • Give students the chance to revisit a story read aloud to the class

Have you visited or used this website with your class before?

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