Time Saving Tips Part 2

August 16, 2013

A few days ago, you might have read our post with some time saving tips to use with your students throughout the school day. We're back again with tips specifically for the teacher. Hopefully these tips will help you spend a little less time in your classroom before and after school.

One of the easiest ways to keep track of things in your classroom is to set up a simple system ahead of time. Try color coding by the day of the week or subject area - this should make it easier to find things in your classroom.

Along the same lines of color coding in your classroom, designate a place for everything in your classroom. We're not just talking about student materials. Have a set area to place papers that need to be graded, papers to be filed, materials for the Monday's lessons, etc. After you have areas set up for everything, don't just throw things down and forget where everything is supposed to go use them! Not only will your classroom look less disorganized, but you will know exactly where that rock sample is for Wednesday's science lesson!

How often do you take home papers to grade? Do you quickly eat your lunch while checking yesterday's word work? You do not need to grade every assignment. Notice we didn't see you don't need to look over the assignments. Definitely glance through your students' practice papers and make sure Lisa understood that you must always subtract the smaller number from the bigger number. We're simply suggesting not to sit with your red pen poised every time you look at a piece of student work. If you glance through the work and notice four kiddos that didn't understand the concept, hold on to those papers and find a time to reteach that small group. Don't waste thirty minutes drawing smiley faces on the other 18 papers!

We talked about preparing for substitutes earlier this summer. Make things much easier on yourself and prepare as much as you can for a substitute before you even need one. Have all the general materials ready - schedules, class list, emergency procedures, etc. It is also a good idea to have a set of plans for 2-3 days that can be used if you have an emergency and don't have time to write up new plans. This will take some time at the beginning of the year, but once it is set up, you'll save yourself hours later on down the road.

Teachers are busy - there is no question about that! Find a good calendar or planner - we suggest the lovely Erin Condren planners if you want to splurge! Find a system that works for you and jut down schedule changes, fire drills, meetings, conferences, etc. as you are informed of the changes. It is a lot easier to be flexible when you are keeping up with any changes to your normal routine.

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