Meet Snowflake!

December 07, 2013

This week was a little rough in our classroom. Not only did we come back from a week off for Thanksgiving, but we had a few changes to our room as well. One student moved away without warning and another student changed classes (he is now in the room across the hall from us). Those two small occurrences changed our class dynamic drastically and my kiddos had a hard time adjusting.

Luckily... we had a special visitor from the North Pole. Monday morning we watched the Elf on the Shelf movie. We came back from recess, there was a special delivery waiting under our tree!

Monday: We received our elf and he hung out on our Christmas tree.

Tuesday: Snowflake was sitting by the fire reading a stack of Christmas books and had stolen one of our gingerbread books as well! (They were so excited to share one of their favorite stories with him.. they are crazy for anything gingerbread!)

Wednesday: Snowflake brought us a gift! North Pole snow and magic elf seeds. He told us to plant them and something special would grow over night.

Thursday: Snowflake was patiently waiting to eat his candy cane until the class came into to discover what had grown from the magic elf seeds.

Sadly on Thursday, a student touched our elf and he lost his magic! One sweet student suggested cinnamon to help Snowflake feel better. At lunch she asked the cafeteria for a bag of cinnamon and returned excited to fix our elf! We placed a circle of cinnamon around Snowflake and hoped for the best. When the students returned later in the day from specials, it looked as if Snowflake had finally eaten his candy cane and returned to the North Pole.

We had an ice day yesterday, so my students will be waiting until Monday to find out what happened to Snowflake. 

Do you use elf on the shelf with your class?

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